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Michigan’s Official HYTORC Representative - Supporting 50 Years of Tooling Excellence

For half a century, HYTORC has committed itself to excellence in the field of tooling.

As the original designer and patent holder for advanced bolting system technology, HYTORC has been a leader in pioneering the industry.

HYTORC Michigan is the only official provider of equipment, training, rental and service for these incredible products in our local service areas.

With locations throughout Michigan, we’re available at a moment’s notice for all of your HYTORC needs.

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“Hytorc Michigan has provided the technical support so our workers could complete their tasks in a timely but safe manner. Along with that they have been available at a moment’s notice to supply us with the tooling and/ or support that was critical to completing the job.”
Eric S.
Field Supervisor
“HYTORC Michigan was the answer to reducing risk exposure in an already volatile environment. By giving us the ability to tighten and torque large high pressure steam flanges in confined space conditions, hours were saved and injuries prevented.”
Josh P
“HYTORC Michigan has had our back in every unexpected predicament that we get ourselves into. I have been working with our sales tech (Don Elliott) for several years now, and their customer service is the best in the industry. HYTORC Michigan has the correct tooling and support for just about any job. They have tools on hand and are local, allowing them to respond to an emergency within a minute’s notice. Don is even more than willing to make a site visit same-day to assist in formulating solutions to even the hardest obstacles in bolting.”
Rick M