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From Highly-Accurate Washers and Nuts to Sockets, Fixtures and Splitters, HYTORC Michigan has the Accessories You Need

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The simplest upgrade that offers immediate advancements in accuracy, speed and safety, the HYTORC washer is a unique, patented system that eliminates the need for reaction arms. With a precision-machined surface for reduced variation, you can expect improved accuracy and loosening prevention every time.


HYTORC’s three-piece faster is the ideal solution for applications that require superior bolt load control and industry-leading joint integrity. Available in a wide range of materials to suit any application, HYTORC nuts can handle the harshest climates and extreme temperatures.

Eco Line Sockets

Designed with environmental protection in mind, these earth-friendly Eco Line sockets utilize a unique manufacturing coating process to reduce environmental impact. These sockets meet all ISO standards and offer improved observation of socket rotation and code stamping.

Nut Splitters

Dealing with damaged, corroded and seized nuts has never been easier. The HYTORC Nut Splitter has a unique design that contains the split nut and has no exposed finger pinch points for improved safety.

Hydraulic Pump Power Packs

HYTORC offers a wide range of air or electric power packs in a wide range of configurations to give you the right power for the job and the ability to operate multiple tools simultaneously.

We offer the following HYTORC power pack products:

Back Up Wrenches

Our backup wrenches have no equal in the industry. All our wrenches are made in the USA, and measure up to extremely high manufacturing standards.

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