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HYTORC Bolting Systems

Offering the latest bolting technology, HYTORC provides unique patented benefits that ensure industry-leading safety and accuracy.

HYTORC created the original torque and tension bolting systems, and it continues to be an industry leader when it comes to reliability, durability and repeatability.

Bolt Tensioners

From tensioning flanges in a manufacturing facility to installing wind turbines in the field, HYTORC has best tools for the job.

Our complete line of tensioners is designed to handle any application that our customers need with ease. Improve your productivity and operator safety with HYTORC.

Fasteners & Accessories

When it comes to speed and efficiency, nothing beats the uncompromised superiority of HYTORC washers and nuts. Precision, machine-finished and expertly designed, this simple upgrade goes a long way.

From sockets and nut splitters to custom-made reaction fixtures, HYTORC offers a wide range of accessories designed to guarantee a safe, accurate and productive workplace.