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Harness the Convenience of Air Power with HYTORC Michigan's jGun Bolt Bolting System Lineup

The simplest industrial bolting solution!

Digital jGun Pneumatic Bolting System

Meet the world’s first adjustable pneumatic bolting system featuring a dynamic digital readout. This patented system eliminates the need for separate filter, lubrication and regulatory systems for added convenience and portability. With a heavy industrial-grade motor, the jGun is one of the world’s most powerful and easy-to-use bolting systems.

jGun Single Speed Pneumatic Bolting System

The easy choice for air-powered industrial bolting, the jGun single speed leads the industry in its power-to-weight ratio. With no kickback and continuous power, the jGun Single Speed can break out nuts that other systems can’t. Quiet and flexible, this advanced bolting system uses precision gearing to provide minimal noise and vibration.

jGun Dual Speed Pneumatic Bolting System

This 3-in-1 bolting system can be used for rundown, final torque, and heavy-duty breakout with a quick twist of the collar. With adjustable torque that’s this easy to adjust, you can save time, save money and reduce the chance of operator error by removing the need for multiple systems.